Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey! It's okay...

Ever since I've gotten back on my A-game with this blogging/posting bizz (okay, it has only been days ago but still) I've been nonstop running ideas through this thing on my shoulders called a brain. However, I have some sad news...I'm going to be a big fat copy-cat for this post. I stole it out of the Glamour Magazine.

I hope by now all of you realize I get deeply inspired by my magazines, which I have subscriptions to about five. I also hope they (as in Glamour) doesn't mind me doing so, but I couldn't resist!! There is a hilarious little section that tells people "Hey, it's okay.....about things they do. I have come up with a lovely list of my own "Hey! It's okay..." for people. Especially, the ladies.

I hope some of these make you laugh, make you ponder if people really do them, and just finally realize that "Hey! It's quite okay if you do too!!"

"HEY! It's okay..."

-to wear your little sister/cousins lip gloss, headband, or nail polish.

-to smell your armpit when no one is looking.

-if you still expect an Easter basket from your parents, even when youre over the age of 18.

-to say "ya'll" though you aren't Southern.

-to refuse to date anyone with a mustache.

-to get a little emotional when you ask for a Coke in a restaurant and the waiter/waitress replies "Is Pepsi okay?"

-to download "boy band" or any other ridiculous pop music to your ipod, yet keep it a secret because you are sooo embarrassed.

-if you use a flat-iron on your already straight-as-a-board hair.

-not to shave all winter long.

-if you buy clothes for both going out and attending church.

-to text your friend who is right beside you.

-to participate in co-ed sports only to find a boyfriend.

-to decorate for Christmas as soon as Halloween is over and leave it up until the end of January.

-if you delete people from facebook and don't feel guilty.

-to eat half an oreo and say you didn't eat an oreo at all.

-if you go to your parents house when you're sick, because your mom takes care of you.

-to ignore a text from an annoying person and say you never got it when they ask why you didn't reply.

-if you throw a fit when another person names their baby the name of your future child.

-to despise a name only because it reminds you of a person you dislike.

-to pick your nose to get the booger out, just don't eat it.


  1. Geez- I do or have done like every one of these! Love it. Can I borrow some lip gloss, Cuz?

  2. Im tickled pink you love it!!
    Why, yes, yes you may borrow some gloss!!