Monday, May 17, 2010

Sometimes I surprise myself!

I always tell people "I couldn't have a kid right now...I can barely take care of myself." Little did I know, I can take care of myself quite well along with two other girls. I knew I loved a challenge! My mom left for Florida, Sunday morning at 5:30. Though it has only been a short time. I am very proud of myself for getting it together and acting like an adult. Which happens about as often as Halleys comet stopping by.

It all started with me having to get my baby sisters up, dressed, breakfast ate, and on our way to church in Dyersburg by 10:00 a.m. What's the problem you say???  I have never gotten that much accomplished by myself before 10:00. The day started off rocky, I woke up late. Like 8:40 late!! I was in a panic. I ran to the shower. I shaved, washed my hair, washed my body and face, and was out in record timing. 20 minutes. Who the hell knew I could get in and out faster than the speed of lightening. Not me. The girls and I were up and out the door by 9:45.

We then make our way to Dyersburg, But I can not forget to stop at the Tiger Express to get three Commerical Appeal newspapers. Which really annoys me. (We are usually late for church because of Taras nonsense mission for other people. Ohh and one more thing, the church locks the doors if you are late and then we have to walk all the way around....I don't think it's a good thing to be pissed off while walking into the church.)

Okay, girls up. check. Church, check. I don't even have to think what's next on the list. The first thing out of little baby Sydneys mouth as soon as they dismiss us is "What are we going to eat for lunch?" I look in my clutch and I only have 9 dollars. So off to the Chicken Castle we go. (Also known as "The Store.")

We get lunch and head to the apartment. I have a burst of energy, so while the two nuggets watch the Disney Channel (that I REFUSE to be 50 feet near), I clean the entire apartment and do all the laundry. I have turned into Super Mom for real.

That day ends with Tara finally taking charge and taking us to the pool to chill and grill out with dad. Why didn't I think of the pool??? I was too busy being psycho cleaning lady with a feather duster!

Today, my mission was to get myself up at 5:45 am. I had to have the girls back up, dressed, breakfast ate, and at The Store by 7. Not only were we there at 6:45 but I also gave Alex lunch money! :) She was tickled to death to get more than the usual 3 dollars my moms gives her.

I worked at The Store until two. I went back to the apartment, ate lunch, changed clothes, and was in Hayti by 3 p.m. to get Syd from school. We had fun in the sun on our mind. But the rain stopped it. We were both p-ed off. As Sydney liked to say.  Ohhh well, gave me some free time to ramble about nothing and get something posted.

I think I need a vaca after this "mommy business" is done. Whew! I am exhausted. BIG UPS to all the hard working moms. Happy late Mothers day!!!! :) One more thing, I forgot to mention I even delievered the newspapers to the assholes.


  1. That all sounds great, but you know that your mom is coming home and you can give the kids back. Think about how it is to have those kids day and night and know that YOU are the mom!! It's never-ending!! Good job Rashtyn! (Remember Riley?)

  2. Girl, it's hard and hectic, and if someone handed me three kids in my single-dom years, I would've rocked it out for a couple of days, and slept for 3!! LOL You've got a great example to follow when you do become a momma!